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T&T Cooling & Heating believes that the way to a happy home is through properly functioning appliances. You should always take the time to have your hot water heaters, furnaces, and air conditioning units checked and maintained to ensure their functions are top notch at all times.

Over time, things start to wear down, and what once used to be perfect starts to seem old. T&T Cooling & Heating wants you to know that we are the experts you need to ensure your appliances work as long as they are supposed to. By running diagnostic checks and performing routine maintenance, we are able to catch parts before they break and fix problems we foresee causing you damage in the future. It is always easier to fix and replace pieces rather than having to install a whole new unit. You already have something that is working, why not let the experts at T&T Cooling & Heating help you to keep them functioning strongly?

Furnaces have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years
Air conditioners last usually 15 to 22 years
Hot water heaters function for 5-10 years

Give your appliances the care they need now so they last as long as they should.

Everyone has a busy life. Do not let what you use on a daily basis get away from you and create unnecessary problems, causing you stress and anger. T&T Cooling & Heating’s maintenance is the perfect solution. Problems can be avoided; let us be the answer you need.

Sign up for T&T Cooling & Heating’s maintenance plan. By enrolling, you receive many benefits and services that can extend the life of your units, like yearly coverage, maintenance tests, parts, and emergency services. Never pay more when you shouldn’t have to. Pay one affordable fee and receive all the care you need. Enroll through our attached form and request your first service today!

Boiler & Air Condition Maintenance Plan 

Two (2) preventive maintenance checks, one (1) the Spring (air conditioning start-up) and one (1) during the Fall (heating start-up) which includes:

Checking complete boiler operation during scheduled maintenance
Purging the system to remove any air in pipes, if required
Checking pressure and temperature controls and making whatever adjustments are needed
Checking gas valve, heating controls, limits and sensors
Checking flame for proper color and gas flow
Checking and clean gas jets and proper ignition
Checking boiler block
Lubricating all motor bearings as needed
Checking for Carbon Monoxide
Checking amperage and making any adjustments needed for optimum efficiency
Checking all equipment electrically and mechanically
Checking and calibrating automatic controls and thermostats
Checking refrigerant operating pressures; trim charge at prevailing rate
Checking condenser coil, cleaning once annually, if required
Checking evaporator coil, cleaning at prevailing rate, if required
Checking condensate drain
Checking condenser fan motor
Checking condenser fan blade
Checking evaporator motor
Checking blower wheel
Checking refrigerant lines for any visual damage
Checking Armoflex, repairing at prevailing rate, if needed
Making sure there are caps on all service ports and that they are tight
Providing a list of work preformed during preventive maintenance check
Change thermostat batteries as needed during routine maintenance
Change carbon monoxide detector batteries as needed during routine maintenance

Our Products

T&T Cooling & Heating is your one-stop shop for all your heating and cooling needs. When it comes to repairs and installations, we do it better than anyone else. Let us be who you count on when you need help. If you know what is broken or what you need, see the list of parts that T&T Cooling & Heating stocks. For your furnace, boiler, air conditioner, and hot water heater, we are your number one choice.

We stock so many options so we can serve you no matter what you may need. Emergency or not, our goal is to serve you! Contact us today with any question about any of our services. If you do not know what is broken or wrong, do not worry! We can come out and see for ourselves. Our goal is to provide you with quality service so you do not have to yourself. We will always take care of you the right way, so you can rest easy knowing that we have fixed, repaired, or replaced anything you need.

Automatic water fill
A&B and gas valves
Barometric diverter
Batteries and generators
Blow, burner, or circular motors
Burner squirrels cages
Circulation pump
Drain cocks
Hot water pressure relief, pressure relief, and relief valve
Electric switches and spark packs
Gauge glass and gauge washes
Generator leads
Horizontal diverters
Limit control
Low water cut off
Vent damper
Pilot burner and orifice
Pressure gauge, pressure temperature, and pressuretrol
Spark rod, spark electrictrode
Spill switch
Stam pop values
Thermostat, transformers, and thermocouple
Fan and limit control
Filtrol tanks
Flame sensors and spreaders
Vertical diverter